Apres Ski Party And Nightlife Bars In Verbier

The apres ski at Verbier is one of the best in the Alps and of course in Switzerland. A place full of famous DJs, live bands every night, and of course, everyone will find a place according to their taste. With its excitement and nightlife atmosphere, many foreign tourists make Verbier a party paradise. To make it easier for you to find apres ski bars to party at Verbier, here are the top 3 recommendations for apres ski bars that you can visit:


1. Farinet

Apres Ski Bar Farinet Verbier


Farinet is one of the Apres Ski in Verbier featuring a live band every night. Another thing that attracts visitors to come here is the abundance of beer and the large sliding roof. So, when you are having fun indoors you can still see and enjoy the beauty of the sky.

Farinet really offers a fun party. Very deserved this apres ski bar gets award-winning as the best Apres Ski Bar in the world in 2004. So it's a must for those of you who are on vacation to Verbier to visit this apres ski bar. A few tips for those of you who want to come on busy days, it's best if you need to arrive early so you get the best spot to enjoy the live band. Make sure you have enough composure to party and be prepared to sink into the beer.

Good news for those of you who want to enjoy the Apres Ski experience but with a more relaxed and classy way of enjoying music, then you can choose the Bar Lounge which is located next to the party room which is only separated by a few sliding doors.



2. Bar 1936

Apres Ski bar 1936 Verbier


If you're looking for a less expensive apres ski bar in Verbier but with a promising atmosphere, then Bar 1936 is the right place. This apres ski bar is located between Les Ruinettes and Verbier. You can get there by using the Medran cable car. From a height of 1740m, you will get a fantastic view, accompanied by music from a local band playing until 5 pm, snacks, and BBQ if the weather is friendly. This apres ski bar is known for its 2 unique yurts equipped with 30 seats inside and 100 seats on the terrace which is a great place for sunbathing. You can also get a dinner experience with Mongolian Fondue as a signature dish, but you have to get a request from 20 people in advance.



3. Fer a Cheval

Apres Ski Bar Fer A Cheval Verbier


Fer à Cheval is a ski bar that has 2 contradictory levels. Downstairs is a quiet neighborhood with 40 places for a friendly and relaxed dinner. But upstairs is the place for apres ski parties with loud music and a boisterous party atmosphere. Not only attracts tourists, but Fer à Cheval also attracts locals to party together. The food offered includes pizza, pasta, salads, and other dishes such as the chef's signature steak tartare.


If you have any other recommendations for apres ski bars in Verbier, let us know. That will be very useful for people who want to vacation in Verbier. Going on vacation to Verbier won't make you regret it because you will find many activities in Verbier Switzerland in winter such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoe hiking, and many more. This excitement is perfect for you to enjoy with family, friends, or with your lover. Make sure you prepare for this vacation carefully, such as making a list of luggage, travel tickets, and places to stay. Looking for a place to stay in Verbier might be very helpful because it is close to tourist attractions, but you also have to be prepared to spend more money. Or you can also consider looking for hotels in Le Chable Switzerland which are cheaper.

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